Website Guidelines

At Living Magazines, we recieve a lot of submissions for our website. Although we would love to post everything submitted to us, we follow the guidelines below to ensure that every post meets our company's goals of reporting the good news in your communities.


Magazine Pages
  • 3 - 4 articles are posted per month
  • Editors choose which articles get posted on the website from the upcoming magazine
  • Gets updated monthly
Neighborhood Buzz
  • Everything must be approved by the respective editor
  • Stays on either until the event has passed or if no ending date, then one month.
  • Only news that can’t wait
  • News that can be submitted:
    Non/not for profit information/events
    Scholarships/award applications
    Contest/award/scholarship winners
    Announcements of elected positions
  • All pictures in an issue as well as the ‘extras’ that didn’t fit in the print magazine go into the gallery
  • Captions are the headline of the article the picture is from
  • Gets updated monthly
Business Briefs
  • Editors choose which business briefs get posted
  • Gets updated monthly
  • Wedding, engagements, births, etc.
  • These get pulled from the magazines
  • Text may be altered to limit personal information (See our Privacy Policy for more information)
  • Updated when new announcements come in
Advertiser of the Month
  • Chosen at random from the advertisers that advertise at the 12 time rate for display ads
  • Information and pictures received from advertiser
  • Gets updated monthly
  • Updated as needed
  • Appropriate events for the calendar
    Farmers markets
    Non/not for profit events (fundraisers, galas, programs, etc.)
    School events (concerts, theater productions, festivals, open houses, etc.)
    Church events (festivals, concerts, etc.)
    Library events
    Organizations we are partnered with (World Piano Competition, Tales of Withrow, Joseph Beth, etc.)
    Community events (meetings, festivals, farmer’s markets, races, golf outings, etc.)