Why Living Magazines

Living Magazines subscribers live in some of the wealthiest communities in Greater Cincinnati. They are sophisticated and loyal customers with higher disposable incomes, who value quality over cost and personal relationships over bargain hunting.

Advertisers can target specific communities within the Greater Cincinnati area.

Advertisers can customize their schedules, picking and choosing months and markets to reflect their own needs cycle, easily switching back and forth with no penalty.

Our magazines are free subscriptions for a guaranteed readership, regardless of economic downturns.


Reader Testimonials
"I had incredible results with a single ad inThe Living Magazines! I gave print advertising withThe Living Magazines a small try: One medium-sized ad, one magazine (WYL), one month ... all a one-time shot. That single ad generated a closing for me! My client told me that my ad was why he came to me. Not surprisingly I have since started advertising monthly!" -- Dejuan Gossett, ENG Lending 

"Advertising has brought in enough business to pay for the ad and provide a net profit. Thanks for publishing and keeping my business active!" - Helen Haberstroh, Homes by Helen

"They have gone beyond the call of duty with our account and taught me the value of advertising. That was a huge task considering we had never advertised in our company history prior to them coming on the scene." - Terry Bayes Sr., Bayes and Sons Custom Remodelers


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