Bridal Yoga: Bring the Deep Breath to the Big Day!

By Julie Isphording
Photos by Kelly Carr



  • Enjoying a little yoga bliss before the wedding Enjoying a little yoga bliss before the wedding
  • Some groups are large - here’s one enjoying an outdoor yoga class. Some groups are large - here’s one enjoying an outdoor yoga class.
  • Trisha Durham teaching yoga at Smale Park Trisha Durham teaching yoga at Smale Park
  • Yoga instructor Trisha Durham, founder of Cincinnati Bridal Yoga, strikes a most impressive pose! Yoga instructor Trisha Durham, founder of Cincinnati Bridal Yoga, strikes a most impressive pose!

Here comes the wedding day - a time filled with so many emotions ranging from stress and fear to breathtaking excitement and joy. It is an overwhelming time for family, friends and lots of decisions, including one of the most important vows of your life.

“And that’s why it’s important to take a deep breath and just let go,” said yoga teacher extraordinaire Trisha Durham, the creative mastermind behind the unique new business, Cincinnati Bridal Yoga. “Only then can you truly hold on to what really matters - connecting with all the people you love on your big day.”

Durham started Cincinnati Bridal Yoga to offer a private and memorable bridal shower, bachelorette party or day-of- wedding yoga class for the brides, grooms and the bridal party. The yoga “party” is designed for all levels of yoga students and is held at Durham’s beautiful studio or in a special space the bride chooses. 

“Every detail from the music to the yoga sequence is created with the bride in mind,, whether for a bachelorette party, a bridal shower or for the morning of her wedding,” said Durham. “The bride doesn’t have to do a thing except book it and show up. We take it from there.”

Of course, wedding days are supposed to be about the bride; but as we all know from experience, that’s usually not the case so it’s important to do something that works for the bride. Research shows carving out just one hour where the bride can focus fully on herself, before all the festivities begin, can make a huge impact on the entire day.

“You will emerge out of a Savasana and float into your wedding day as a calm, glowing bride,” Durham said. “The same can be said for the whole wedding party if they join in the yoga fun.”

Trisha Durham has been a mover her whole life. Her background in professional dance with Dayton Ballet Company led her to her avocation in life - being a fitness and mind-body educator for everyone in the community. Besides managing Cincinnati Bridal Yoga, she teaches yoga in many locations across the city including Modo Yoga in Columbia Tusculum and Smale Park during the sunny spring and summer seasons.

A truly inspiring and talented yoga teacher, Trisha believes yoga is an infinitely healing practice. She is driven to help everyone discover that personal hidden strength that allows them to move and breathe more comfortably, kindly and confidently. In fact, she has a yoga blog ( where she writes about a “life inspired by yoga.”

“Breathing is everything,” she said. “It’s amazing how many of life’s worries can begin to dissolve with one deep breath.”

Whether you’re a yoga aficionado or have never heard the word Namaste, a yoga session can bring everyone's shoulders down. Studies show you don’t really have to buy-in to the spiritual side; because purely on a physical level, one hour of movement will jump-start your metabolism and keep you healthy, confident and strong.

“If you’re new to yoga or planning a bridal yoga event, don’t fret if anyone has never done a downward dog,” said Durham. “It is very common to have a mix of levels when it is the bride and her whole wedding party, and that detail alone is what makes the event such a fun and engaging time with lots of laughter and love.”

No matter what the experience the bride is looking for, creativity allows for a fun bridal party experience that will bring everyone involved together. Durham says Cincinnati Bridal Yoga is not about perfect poses and flexible hamstrings.

“I just want to create a sense of calm so the bride and her party can enjoy every single breathtaking moment of the big day.”

For more information about yoga and Cincinnati Bridal Yoga, contact the creative maven behind it all, Trisha Durham at

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