Hyde Parkers Share Collective Wisdom: Team Coaching for Winning at Life

By Cynthia Smith


You may have had coaching in sports or on the job, but what if you could have a whole team of coaches, each with a separate area of expertise, to make your life better all around?

That’s the idea behind Team Coaching for Winning at Life, the brainchild of lawyer and long-time Hyde Park resident Bob Buechner. Team Coaching “helps individuals create more vibrant and joyful lives through self-awareness and feedback from advisors with over 400 years of combined experience,” he says.

Bob Buechner

Through Team Coaching, individuals receive guidance from experts in eight areas of life: Physical, Financial, Educational, Vocational, Emotional, Recreational, Social, Spiritual.

Five of the eight experts have deep Hyde Park ties: Rev. Don Dixon (spiritual), Bill Earls (social), Margie Nordlund (physical), Richard Findley (educational) and David Sheaffer (recreational).

How it Works
After filling out an extensive online questionnaire about current activities and goals, participants receive a spiral-bound Life Plan booklet through the mail. Each Life Plan is unique, with tailored recommendations and action steps from each of the eight coaches compiled by the group’s executive coach, Tara Robinson. The Life Plans are then “graded” by participants each week to determine how they are progressing.

As needed, face-to-face follow-ups with Tara or the individual coaches are arranged. Connecting Elders’ Experience with Millennials’ Dreams
Initially envisioning a tool for trust officers to offer practical guidance to young beneficiaries suddenly inheriting large sums of money, Bob realized the idea of tying elders’ wisdom to the hopes and dreams of younger individuals could have a much larger application.

The program is ideal for people in transition, such as recent college graduates and those setting a new path after a divorce, serious illness or job loss. “The process is a chance to step back and look at the big picture,” Tara explains, “and then be intentional about decisions going forward.”

Bob and Tara are working on getting the program qualified for drug and alcohol rehabilitation graduates, as well as for individuals returning from the military or leaving the correctional system. “It really works for anyone interested in rethinking where they’ve been and where they’re going,” Bob notes. Team Coaching is set up to receive scholarship money for participants who need assistance paying for the program.

Tara Robinson

Living with Passion and Purpose
As an outgrowth of Team Coaching, Bob and Tara have developed a seminar titled “Connecting Passion and Purpose,” which has been well received by teachers and business leaders throughout Greater Cincinnati.

Sharon Johnson, Bond Hill Academy Principal and former Withrow University High School Principal, attended a session and said, “The survey about life balance was very timely. As educators, we tend to get caught up in life at school…it was a good thing to…really think about our day-to-day activities and whether they energize or empty us…”

Bob and Tara both have found balance is the key ingredient to a successful life. “Passion and purpose give you drive,” Bob says, “but you need balance to have strong relationships, enjoy good physical health and avoid burn-out.”

Bob has been an attorney at Buechner Haffer Meyers and Koenig since he started the firm in 1979, and is also the co-founder of Champions for Urban Youth. Tara is the owner and publisher of Whole Living Journal, the co-host of “Waves for a New Age” on WAIF 88.3FM radio, and co-facilitator of the workshop “The Art of Alchemy.” Her book, The Ultimate Risk: Seven Mysteries to Unlock Your Passion and Purpose has just been published by Hay House.

To learn more about Team Coaching for Winning at Life or Connecting Passion and Purpose, contact Tara at lifedynamicstara@gmail.com or 513-317-4757.

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