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Tales of Withrow was sponsored by Withrow High School (coordinated by Diane Roland, Head of the English Department, and Jack Cover, Director of the Alumni offic), The Living Magazines/Micropress (coordinated by Grace DeGregorio, Editior) and Joseph-Beth Booksellers (coordinated by Kelly Morton, Marketing Manager).

Over a dozen Withrow graduates with varied inspiring careers were invited to participate in interviews conducted by current students in Diane Roland's English 101 class. The students prepared by researching the respective alums each would be interviewing and receiving pertinent instruction about the interview and writing process. The interviews took place either in person or over the phone. Some were held at Withrow, some at the alum's workplace. One interview was held at the Eisele Gallery of Fine Art. Responding to questions posed by the students, the alums shared what it was like to be a Withrow Tiger "back in the day" and discussed their careers.

After the interviews were completed, students wrote short biographical essays on the alums they had interviewed. The essays were evaluated using the following standards: told a well-rounded story coherently; included the alum's experience at Withrow; effectively showed progression from Withrow to career to current status; included quotes effectively; effectively conveyed why this alum is a positive role model. Diane Roland and Grace DeGregorio selected the top three essays, with two additional essays receiving Honorable Mention. The five essayists were awarded gift cards by Joseph-Beth Booksellers.

Micropress published a book entitled Tales of Withrow that includes all the student essays, student and alum commments and photos. In addition, Jospeh-Beth Booksellers hosted a program in which the students had the opportunity to read and discuss their essays in front of an impressed audience of both invited guests and supportive public.


Quotes About Tales of Withrow

From Students:

“Participating in the Tales of Withrow project was a great experience. Having the opportunity to talk with great people and learn from them is the best project!”
Edy Laynes

“Being in Tales of Withrow gave me a lot of wonderful information about Withrow. It showed me I should take my tiger pride everywhere I go.”
Raqkwan Foster

“Tales of Withrow was an eye-opening experience because I had a chance to learn how Withrow has shaped the lives of its students. I’m very thankful for the experience because it showed me what it truly means to be a tiger.”
Quamar Shaw

“Participating in Tales of Withrow has caused my confidence in my future to grow.”
Christian Howard

“Participating in Tales of Withrow was not more than a privilege; it was an honor. I appreciate the time the alumni took out of their day to answer the questions my classmates and I asked. I appreciate all the life lessons we shall forever carry with us. Thank you!”
De’Shanee’ Dorsey

“I really enjoyed interviewing the Withrow alumni. Hearing stories from someone I didn’t even know was a pleasure. I realized that that a lot has changed from Withrow of the past to the current Withrow.
Deane Alexis

“Looking back on my interviews, I see that no matter what, I have to strive for excellence. Nothing will be handed to me; everything must be worked for. I’m grateful to have shared this time with Withrow’s alumni.”
Kiandra Jenkins

“I enjoyed this project. It was amazing!”
Mor Diop

“Participating in the Tales of Withrow project was a good experience because not only did we meet alumni, but we also got to hear their stories about Withrow and get some advice from them.”
Fatim Ouattara

“Being part of Tales of Withrow really enhanced our lives. It gave us the opportunity to see how Withrow has changed over time. It also showed us how we can come from Withrow and be successful.”
Ashley Jones

“In all honesty, participating in this project has been the best experience of my high school career. This project gave me an amazing chance to meet with Dr. Kelly, who is now my mentor! I hope that the program continues because more students should have the opportunity to meet with a successful person who was once in their own shoes.”
Charlotte Niyonkuru

“It was a wonderful opportunity to participate in this project and learn from others’ experiences.”
Diana Roblero

“I had a very good time working on this project. It has been a pleasure meeting alumni and getting their perspectives.”
MyKeesia McCoy

“I was honored to be part of the Tales of Withrow and meet Malynda. Listening to her story truly changed my life.”
Alexis Kirkland

“I enjoyed learning more about Withrow’s alumni and seeing that there are successful people who have come from the place where I am now.”
Jasmine Pennington

“I’m very grateful to have had this opportunity. I had memorable conversations with inspiring people. These interviews have made an impact on my way of thinking and have made me very proud of my soon-to-be alma mater!”
Jazmyn Jones

“There’s nothing better than listening to people who were once in our shoes. We may have different situations, but these differences are what make the experience special. Hearing stories from Withrow’s alumni was an experience like no other. Their stories opened my eyes to reality and gave me ideas about how to approach life successfully. Their stories touched our hearts and filled our minds. I am truly grateful for this experience.”
Sofia Rose Lintag

From Interviewees:

“Thank you, Mrs. Roland, for giving me an opportunity to meet with some wonderful young women in your class.”
Gloria Henderson Samuel (1998)

“It was great fun. The students were very impressive and well prepared. Please give my thanks to Nature for her warm welcome and interest.”
Bill Hawkins (1996)

“I had a blast!!!!”
Melissa Sadler Green (1991)

“Thanks for considering me to be one of the interviewees.”
Jenae’ McSayles (2007)

“I feel so honored that you have considered me to be interviewed by your current students.”
Saura Henry Ortega (2006)

“I had Charlotte, her parents, and her adoptive family over to my house this weekend to meet my wife and me. We had a wonderful time. Her father's second language is French, and we spent most of the time conversing with each other in this language. It was just delightful!!! I not only plan to mentor Charlotte but also to support her family as they continue their acculturation here. Thank you for this opportunity and blessing.”
Dr. James D. Kelly (1975)

“This has been an awesome experience. It was indeed a pleasure being interviewed by Armani. She interviewed me, but naturally I interviewed her as well. She has that Tiger spirit about herself - the spirit to further her education and make a difference in the lives of others. She was articulate and seemed to have a plan to achieve some established goals. Being a member of the Alumni Association, I take pride in supporting my alma mater, students and staff alike. However, being a participant in this project and spending time with a current student was great! It was an experience where I could personally witness the benefits of my involvement.” 
Felicia Rosemond (1991)

“I found the students very sincere with their questions.”
Tom Craig (Marjorie P. Lee)

“It was my pleasure. ANYTHING for Withrow!”
Laverne Hughes (1938, Marjorie P. Lee)